Generous volumes in soft hues characterize our Fall collection. A series of 6 countertop models, where the need for space determines the choice.

design by Joost van der Vecht


Soft minimalist

Fall has a soft minimalist appearance due to its straight lines combined with the smooth colour tints of Hi-Macs like Sea Oat Quartz, Peanut Butter and White Quartz.

Play with height

The concept is based on a play with height. Fall comes in a height of 180mm, 270mm and 360mm.

Fall basin of 360mm will naturally be placed on a shelf closer to the floor which results in a nifty volume next to basin for accessories and plants.

Blanc canvas

Custom solutions are just as easy as our using our standard models, as we keep our focus on always creating the right volume with Fall. 

Hotel look

What defines the hotel look? A bathing space that sooths the senses. From crisp bath linen to a comfortable atmosphere. With our Fall collection we aim for the hotel look with the rich proportions, warm colours of Hi-Macs and space for accessories.