Noon countertop

Noon countertop is made out of Hi-Macs that can be placed on top of our Scene cabinet collection or our Flat shelf.


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The foot elevates the Noon from the surface, allowing easy maintenance and giving it a more spacious appearance.

Van der Valk hotel with Noon 
The furniture: impressive and comfortable. The bathroom: simple and austere. A combination of natural materials, with a touch of glamour. In the luxurious Wellness suites in Van der Valk Hotel Zwolle, contrast is the key word. And Not Only White the perfect match.

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Best of both worlds
The beautiful and clean design of the Noon model combined with the Flat shelf is literally combining form and function. The Flat shelf allows easy storage of your personal bathroom accessories and the smooth finishing of the Hi-Macs material makes sure it’s easy in maintenance. 

Noon handrinse

The smallest bowl in our collection is the Noon handrinse. This handrinse basin can be used on a countertop or wall-mounted by using our white powder coated bracket.

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The Noon is here to greet you all day, everyday. Its friendly, round-shaped basin is the best way to create a smile on your face.

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