Camera Studio

In the former Camera Studio cinema on the Oudegracht in Utrecht, interior designer Cris van Amsterdam transformed nine spaces into loftlike apartments. The spaces now breathe an unstrained yet contrasting feeling of luxury. Our white organic shaped Blend washbasin contributes to this contrast and feeling.

Photography: Rob Kater
Interior designer: Cris van Asmterdam


Organic meets sharp

The organic shapes of our Blend basin break the tension of the sharp lines coming from the frame and bathroom. The black and white theme can be found in all the apartments bathrooms.

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Materials Matter

Designer Cris van Amsterdam always works with materials that last a long time and age well. Our Hi-Macs is one of those materials. Because it is truly solid and non-porous, it is easy to maintain and won’t lose it’s elegance over time.

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Will it Blend in your bathroom?