One Bedford Avenue

One Bedford Avenue is a new landmark office and retail development in London’s West End. The building provides 6600 m² of high quality office space over seven floors with 1300 m² of retail at ground and basement level. Not Only White provided washbasins in all of the bathrooms and also shelves, hooks, seats and benches for the cycle changing rooms.


Bennetts Architects designed the building to align with the client and funder’s aspiration of quality, utility and efficiency. A wall of black veneered cubicle doors acts as a strong counterpoint to the crisp, white, monolithic basins by Not Only White.

Unique solutions

For this project, we applied our Custom Design Service on our Base washbasin. With this service, we can engineer a unique solution that will fit perfectly within the possibilities of a project.

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A hint of yellow is the only colour in the space and references the cycle changing rooms where we created a collection of shelves, hooks, seats and benches. These fit perfectly into the tiling modules on the walls and floors contributing to an overall cohesion that gives the space a spa-like feel. 

A spa-like feel

Commitment to excellence

The commitment to excellence is evident in the washrooms where a simple palette of high quality materials has been used to create a refined, uncluttered space with clean lines and pure forms.