Parc Broekhuizen

In the woods of Leersum, Parc Broekhuizen restores hospitality to its former glory.


Contemporary classic design

Interior designer Judith van Mourik approached this project with a clear mission: creating an innovative solution to enhance the classic style with new, contemporary influences and a new function for Broekhuizen Castle. She chose Not Only White for the bathroom fixtures, for it provides beauty and simplicity that amplifies the surrounding design.

One of the best views of the house is provided by the Loop bath on the first floor, overseeing the pond and the forest in the backyard of the castle. The freestanding Loop bath adds a soft contrast to the space and opens up the area.

Every room provides a majestic view, either over the entrance of the castle in the front or the pond behind the building. The custom design Scape adds to the stately appearance of this bathroom, that has a view to the front garden entrance and the carriage house of the castle.

Custom design

Newlyweds can enjoy the freestanding Box washing table, that sits on top of the partial ensuite bathroom in the honeymoon suite. In the side, the faucets and hand shower for the bath are integrated.

Natural materials breathe through the minimalistic shapes of the Not Only White washbasins. Towels and other accessories can be organized in the cabinet inside this basin, for clean surroundings.