Endless appeal

The endless appeal of soft touch
The black soft touch coating creates tactility and interest to the base of the bowl, a design element which is often hidden. Not only our Aim basin collection, but also our Loop bath collection is available with soft touch. Challenge your senses.

What about black?
Looking at bathrooms throughout time, white is the traditional color. Nowadays, more contemporary bathrooms emerge based on a feeling of modernism and luxury.

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Box of happiness

Box collection is the answer to a tidy
bathroom. Finally your everyday bathroom
items have a home of their own.

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Do you want a custom made solution?


Not Only White is a Dutch design brand founded in 2010 by Marike Andeweg. Not Only White aims to provide distinctive and flexible sanitary solutions for both the residential and the pro­ject markets. The collection is designed and selected by Dutch designer Marike Andeweg and guest designer Joost van der Vecht.

Meet the designers

How can we make space work for you?



It’s all around you
We all need space. Space to create, to think, to work and live in. But how do we make space work for you? Let us know which spaces you love, so we can use them as inspiration.


Parc Broekhuizen
In the woods of Leersum, Parc Broekhuizen restores hospitality to its former glory. Interior designer Judith van Mourik approached this project with a clear mission: creating an innovative solution to enhance the classic style with new, contemporary influences and a new function for Broekhuizen Castle. She chose Not Only White for the bathroom fixtures, for it provides beauty and simplicity that amplifies the surrounding design.

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