Solid Surface

Only the best possible materials of the highest quality are used to produce our products. Our production facilities are located in Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. That’s the only way we can ensure our high quality and a life-time enjoyment.

Out of different solid surface brands like, Not Only White selected Hi-Macs and Cristalplant biobased as premium solid surface brands to work with. 



Hi-Macs is an acrylic based solid surface material. It consists of an acrylic mass that is bonded together with 75% natural minerals and pigments.

Hi-Macs is a homogeneous and non-porous material, which makes the material very hygienic and easy to clean. Hi-Macs is an ecological material. Its mineral and acrylic composition, environmentally-friendly and virtually ”waste-free“ manufacturing process give it top marks in terms of “eco-friendliness.”

Our Base, Box, Blend, Flat, Frame, Form, Kuub, Mono, Noon and Scape collections are made of Hi-Macs. Just like our accessories Basq, Edit and Mixx.

Cristalplant biobased®

Cristalplant biobased is a solid surface material, composed of minerals (aluminium hydroxide), acrylic and polyester resin. Because it is a non-porous, homogeneous material, it is extremely hygienic and therefore very suitable for our basins and baths. The production of Cristalplant provides almost no limitations regarding shapes and is for that reason, among others, a material Not Only White loves to work with.
The material naturally has a friendly matte finish and can be easily cleaned with a mild abrasive and scouring pad.

Our Aim, Fuse, Nest, Axis and Loop collection are made of Cristalplant biobased.


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