Who we are

Not Only White is a Dutch design label that stands for purity and functionality. It was founded in 2010 by designer Marike Andeweg. Not Only White works with a creative team in an informal atmosphere. The focus: good designs. The goal: excellent customer service. The connecting factor: love for the brand.


Standard and custom made

Designed to be undemanding and unobtrusive, Not Only White offers a vast range of bathroom products. Our collection consists of standard models in many sizes. Our custom made solution is always based on our own designs and provides flexibility to adjust basins in size to the need of the client. 

Relevant for contract clients, Not Only White offers a special design service for projects requiring maximum freedom and creativity. Not Only White can engineer a unique solution that will fit perfectly within the constraints of the project, both in a physical and a visual manner.

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Defining your legacy

About founder Marike Andeweg

Marike Andeweg is a Dutch designer and the founder of Not Only White. Her designs reflect her own sense of purity and adaptability. “A washbasin has a number of basic conditions, regardless being used at home or in a hotel or office. Besides being functional, flexible and easy to maintain, my collection has to be inviting to touch. A bathroom should make you feel at ease. My designs express comfort, beauty.”

After studying Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Marike Andeweg started her career in 2002 as a product developer at the Dutch furniture manufacturer Pastoe. In 2003 she co-founded her first brand, where she worked as a creative director for six years.

In 2010 she founded Not Only White, specialised in bathroom products for residential and commercial projects. Her designs play with functionality and aesthetics. Her label expresses a sense of no-nonsense luxury.

Marike Andeweg has won several international design prices, including the Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award and German Design Award. Besides running her own label, Marike also designs for other brands such as Design On Stock and Eyye.

Designer Joost van der Vecht

Since starting working at Arnold Merckx Design in 1996 and after that at Pastoe, Joost has developed a natural sense of simplicity and proportions. His interest in graphic design and Japanese architecture is reflected in his design aesthetics with the principle of a grid a recurring factor in his work.

Joost’s design philosophy is akin to that of Not Only White. This is apparent with the Scape collection, the result of his first collaboration with the brand. Though complementary to the overall Not Only White collection, Scape has certainly added value both to the brand and its design language.

The collaboration has successfully continued with the double award winning Aim collection and recenty created Fall collection.

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