Color your bathroom

Our soft touch coating creates tactility and interest to the outside of our products. By adding this special velvety coating in a color, a new layer of softness has been introduced to your bathroom design.

For those projects that require an industrial or more eclectic look, choose our metal coating like copper, brass or corten steel. Just image the atmosphere you can create in your project by using our designs with this special patented technology.


With our soft touch coating it is easy to play with moods.

Depending on the model, you can either choose your own color or go for our pre-selected colors by our own design team. 

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Surprise your senses, contact us for advice

Copper finish

By using the new synergy 3D technology, our Noon bowl has changed its aesthetic appearance in a unique way. A thin layer of real copper is applied to the outside of the bowl, creating an instant chique look and feel. This copper finish has a charming reddish glow that is both lively and timelessly beautiful.

For projects available in copper, brass, corten steel and concrete finish.

Marike Andeweg, founder of Not Only White, about this special colour blocking soft touch design:

“This idea found its origin in my daugther’s favorite sweater. She was wearing it almost daily. Seeing these colours all the time apparently planted a seed in my mind, which grew into this special 2-colour-soft-touch-edition of my Fuse washbasin.

Nice fact: the 1kg(!) soap has been made on my request by Seem Soap in Paris. They produce object-like soaps with an amazing scent.”

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Colour crush 
In case a high impact is needed for example in the restrooms of a funky hotel or a co-creative workspace, dare to choose for a bright colour. For sure people will start to talk about their visit to the restroom!

Charming reddish glow

What metal touch does your project need:  
copper, brass or corten steel?

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Nostalgic black

The nostalgic element of our award winning Aim, designed by Joost van der Vecht, has been intensified by adding the soft touch coating in an intense black colour. Working with another colour will create a complete new look for Aim. Contact us for the possibilities for your project.

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