What makes the Blend collection so special is the fusion of the organic-shaped basins with the linear top. Blend invites you to touch it!

design by Marike Andeweg


Blends in perfectly 

The smooth design of the Blend makes it a very applicable product. Being it a minimalistic or more classic setting, the Blend will blend in with ease. And because of its soft edges, cleaning is effortless.  

Available in Models and Made to Measure in white Hi-Macs.


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The Blend collection is made of Hi-Macs. Hi-Macs is an acrylic based solid surface material. It consists of an acrylic mass that is bonded together with 75% natural minerals and pigments.

Hi-Macs is a homogeneous and non-porous material, which makes the material very hygienic and easy to clean.

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Framing the Blend
The partnership of transparency and storage space is best expressed when paired with the Blend whereby the straight line of the metal Frame is contrasted with the sinuous underside of the basin. 

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Every space comes with its own requirements and the way you fulfill those requirements is essential in loving a space. #lovingspaces

Custom Blend 

For those projects that demand maximum freedom, flexibility and creativity, Not Only White presents its Custom system, based on the existing Models.

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Blend handrinse

Mini me

The Blend handrinse is the smaller version of the Blend basin. The top of the organic-shaped basin fluidly forms the 6cm high splashback, giving the Blend handrinse a nostalgic look. 

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