The Scape collection consists of a series of three monoliths and two wall models. Carefully chosen ratios and the right mix of colour and material make Scape an intriguing object.


Landscaping your bathroom

The collection takes its name from ‘landscapes’ in which the various inlays create different ‘sceneries’ by its interaction with the Hi-Macs basin. Despite its stately appearance, the monolith looks light and friendly with its slim 12mm outside edge and the subtle plinth lifting it slightly from the floor.

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On the inside, the grid and the blocks of the white Hi-Macs inlays create special lines and offer a fun way to provide plenty of space to place accessories. A Bianco Carrara marble inlay makes the monolith series complete and can be beautifully combined with the black Hi-Macs.

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Designer Scape


This collection is designed by Joost van der Vecht. 

Joost’s design philosophy is akin to that of Not Only White. This is apparent with the Scape collection, the result of his first collaboration with the brand. Though complementary to the overall Not Only White collection, Scape has certainly added value both to the brand and its design language.

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